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Makeover Mondays


Sylvia Prime nominated by Jordan Brewbaker


Hope Diamond-1

Hope Diamond nominated by Joanne Cromly 

Hope is a first grade elementary school teacher in the Cheboygen School District.  She has worked at West Elementary for ten years and is one of the most dedicated teachers I know.  Her students always come first and just being in her classroom illustrates just how far she goes to ensure their academic success.  Every year she has a large number of students with special needs and she makes it her business to research each student's particular problem so she can better serve the student and their family.  This alone takes a great deal of time and energy, yet she does it with joy, compassion, and enthusiasm.  In addition to the hours spent in the classroom every day, she serves on multiple committees, mentor's new teachers, and every Friday she stays late with two other teachers preparing for the next weeks classroom assignments.  Hope also tutor's students after school if they need additional help in a particular subject.  Additionally she spends a great deal of her own personal money purchasing needed school supplies she feels her students need to thrive and succeed that the district and/or families cannot provide.
I could go on but I believe this gives you a good first glimpse at this amazing woman, mother, wife, and teacher - a woman who is a good person, solid community member, and someone who gives back!


janet hoffman

Janet Hoffman nominated by Kathy Cotter

My friend and soul sister, Janet, is an artist, mother, and teacher.  She is one of the most talented and loving people I know.  She has taught me that everyone can be an artist and that to be truly happy you must express in the world what you are most passionate about.  Janet is constantly giving herself to her family, the children she teaches at school, and her friends.  As a single mom, she has struggled to raise three children by herself and put them through college.  She has never had any extended family support.  I admire the close relationship she has with her children and now grandchild.  Janet is truly an amazing woman!


jill thompson

Jill Thompson Nominated by Pauline Gardner

Jill is a prime example of what a person should be.  She's always the first to open her heart to someone, and she's one of the most dedicated employees Starbucks [of Petoskey] has ever seen.  I live in Colorado and used to work on a dude ranch... one time, a man was on a trail ride, visiting from southern Michigan.  I asked if he had ever been to Petoskey, he replied that he had on several occasions.  Throughout the course of our conversation, I discovered that he knew exactly who Jill is, and that he always made a point of visiting the restaurant she was working for (at the time) speciffically to see her.  Her kindness and wit are second to none.  Recently, Jill had an opperation on her foot, and will be out of work for two weeks and forced to wear a restrictive boot for another six to eight weeks.  As such an upbeat person, it must be difficult for her.  Maybe a makeover would help to brighten her day the same way she brightens so many others'.


Ruth Milks

Ruth Milks Nominated by Kevin Ellwanger

For over five years, Ruth has worked with the Manna Food Pantry in Harbor Springs.  She is part of the team who brought the Manna Packs for Kids program to this location.  This program delivers packs of easy to prepare food for children who's parents are working and/or unable to provide a meal for them over the weekends.  Ruth continues to coordinate with schools in Antrim, Charlevoix, and Emmet counties, feeding between 1,200 and 1,800 kids per week.  Ruth and the team at Manna continue their work in our community, helping where they can.  It was our pleasure to have Ruth at our salon to pamper her for a couple of hours.  For everything she has done within our community we want to send a huge thanks her way and to the team at Manna!


Joan Moose Nominated by Lou Pollie

Joan Moose became one of our Monday Makeovers for several reasons. First, she is one of the most hardworking and giving women out there.  Joan is a two time cancer survivor currently in remission. She raised her nine children as well as her sister after their parents passed away.  Joan lost her husband one year after being diagnosed with cancer the first time.  After his passing she became very involved with Gift of Life, and the Michigan Donner Family Council where she encourages people the fill out the donor registration on their drivers licence's.  Joan is very proud of the fact that through her husband's passing she was able to help 55 people with donor donations.  Salon Nouveau Vous was very happy to have the opportunity to pamper Joan for the day.